#Links 2017-02-19


You’ve probably seen the ‘most beautiful #graph in the world’ floating around – child mortality halved since 1990. It’s from Bill & Melinda Gates’ annual letter to the single largest donor to their foundation, Warren Buffet, worthy of reading in its entirety. #Storytelling
Andreessen Horowitz’s Connie Chan has this (25 minute video) on Trends in China #Mobile. Don’t write off QR codes, the applications for integration into mobile is stunningly demonstrated.
India’s space research agency planned, & launched 104 satellites in one go. The previous record for this was a Russian launch of 37 satellites in 2014 #Technology
Jobs of the future? 3 employees, a whole bunch of bots. No outsourcing. An example from the music distribution industry. DistroKid has dozens of automated bots that run 24/7. These bots do things that humans do at other distributors. For example, verifying that artwork & song files are correct, changing song titles to comply with each stores’ unique style guide, checking for infringement, delivering files & artwork to stores, updating sales & streaming stats for artists, processing payments, and more. #Technology #Robotics
But not all’s well. Here’s a counterbalance story: Automation of Trust is Illusory is about the lessons to be learnt from the #Blockchain company called Ethereum
The important question of whether a Snuggie is a blanket or a garment has finally been settled, in a Court of Law, no less. #Law
Don’t believe everything you read on the internet: Inside the Macedonian Fake News Complex #Technology
Alike is an animated movie about Copi, a father who’s trying to teach his daily way of life to Paste, his son. #Inspiration
A profile of the father of modern #neuroscience, Nobel Prize winner, Spaniard Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Hunched Over a Microscope, He Sketched the Secrets of How the Brain Works

Productivity / Tools/ Software

Hold Ctrl & Drag a sheet to make a copy of the sheet #Excel #TechnologyTips
IM’s springing up when presenting? Use Win + X key to turn on Presentation mode #TechnologyTips
Learning is the new procrastination? Guilty as charged #Learning
A great way to improve vocabulary & general knowledge is by doing crosswords. (here’s one about the letters SS on ship names) Despite being a word nerd, I’ve been terrified of cryptic crosswords until a colleague took the time during a few lunch breaks to show me how to approach them. Here’s a handy list of articles that help with clues, if it so catches your fancy. #crypticCrosswords

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