#Links 2017-03-12

Your personality changes over time: the longest running personality study #neuroscience
Time & energy #investments that have disproportionately high returns.
The daily #routines of a few accomplished people.
True #leadership when things go wrong. More lessons from the Oscars.
The word “#algorithm” has become a cultural fetish, the secular, technical equivalent of invoking God. The Cathedral of Computation #Technology
Leveraging super-fast binary search in #Vlookup #Excel
Video of the week: On the second anniversary of Sir Terry Pratchett’s death, the Sir
Richard Dimbleby Lecture titled Shaking Hands With Death that the actor Tony Robinson delivered as Terry Pratchett’s voice, at the Royal College of Physicians in 2013. Far from being morbid, it will make you laugh while it makes you think.

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