#Links 2017-03-19

How many possible ways to construct Sudoku puzzles exist? aka how long can a #Sudoku constructor milk the revenue stream? #Math
Joi Ito is the Director of the MIT Media Lab, & is, to say the least, a rather busy man. He asked publicly for help to manage his “partial attention at meetings” problem due to the volume of email, & got some really interesting tips. Definitely read the comments. #productivity
The 30-second habit – little steps that have a profound change #habit #productivity
Practice anything for 10,000 hours & you’ll be an #expert, claims Gladwell in “Outliers”. Research is disproving it, claiming It perpetuates a cruel myth. #productivity
Do you know how much your computer can do in a second? (not an exact science here, but just to get your head around things) #Technology
Workaholics take note: Have a life outside of work, if you want to be happy #health #happiness also relevant: The biggest #health threat for middle-age men: Loneliness #health cc: Happiness Initiative – Great Place to Work
A simple yet stunningly powerful #visualisation from Bloomberg: What’s really warming the world?
Three tips from Susan Huggett’s impressive #presentation at the #Toastmasters event last Wednesday: Be Aware, Be Yourself, Know your stuff.
28 years old, Benjamin Clementine is mature beyond his years. He’s a survivor, battling homelessness, depression & penury – & his lyrics bring them all to life. Listen to Condolence to know what I mean. I watched his performance on the NPR Tiny Desk concert a few weeks ago, & I’ve been hooked ever since. #music

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