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#Links 2017-02-12

#Links 2017-02-12


Psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky & John Cook wrote a guidebook ‘ The Debunking Handbook’ for avoiding the backfire effect when confronting vaccine & climate change deniers. Originally meant to be an instruction manual for science #communicators, it can be applied to just about any situation where the facts are on your side yet the people who need to hear them are dead set on keeping belief-threatening ideas out of their heads.
Venture capitalist Fred Wilson on the trends he sees re the ‘Future of Labour#Work
Tributes flow to the man who made #visualization & #statistics dare I say it, sexy. RIP Dr. Hans Rosling. NYTimes, Robert Kosara from Tableau. Andy Kirk lists a few others, as well as some awesome videos of Rosling’s talks here
Onions – bring a tear to your eye. In more ways than one. #humor
I hadn’t seen this TED video until now: The agony of trying to unsubscribe – James Veitch #humor

Productivity / Tools/ Software

Mike Alexander of Data Pig Technologies threw out a challenge at the beginning of 2017. The goal of the contest was to see the various techniques the #Excel community uses to quickly pull together #reporting. Incredibly useful tips in this YouTube playlist of 13 submissions.
Find & Extract to a worksheet – a #VBA approach from Chandoo when you want to not just Find stuff in an Excel workbook, but also put what you find somewhere
Introducing Excel users to R to do repeatable data analysis #R #Excel
Clean your data in 5 easy steps – practical advise for Excel users #DataAnalysis
Nathan Yau has a few handy tips on how to spot Visualisation lies #Visualization